If you're a handyman or woman wanting to build your own dock, VW Docks would be happy to help out. We sell our patented brackets and parts so you can construct your dock using our Walk On Water technology.

Our newest design for winching dock sections in provides unsurpassed security when working over the water.

The WINCH aids in installation of the dock sections without having to get in the water. The winch consists of a large plate with a hook attaching to the dock and an arm supported by a chain to lower the section being installed.

A DRIVING CAP fits over top of the post for protection while it is being driven into the lake bottom. The driving cap is attached to a short tube which prevents the cap from falling into the lake while installing the post.

A LEVELING WINCH is used to raise or lower a dock section should the water level change throughout the season. The jack attaches to the top of dock post and hooks to the underside of the section, which is winched up or down to the desired level.

Tools that are needed to install the dock include: sledge hammer, torpedo level, 4' level, tape measure, 3/16" Allen wrench, 1/2" socket, 7/16" 8-point socket, ratchet, and a driving cap (keeps the pipe from mushrooming when sledged).

To order parts, contact your dealer or VW Docks Manufacturing.

We can build any DOCK, challenge us.

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