8 Must-Have Dock Accessories during the summer

8 Must-Have Dock Accessories during the summer

Your boat dock is more than just a boat parking area. Today, people spend more time at home and probably looking for more exciting ways to improve their experiences. For this reason, adding in the right boat dock accessories is an excellent way to transform your dock into an exciting and inviting living space.

Dock accessories range from ladders, bumpers, lighting, and more. They can open up many possibilities for enjoyment, recreation, and safety for the time you and your loved ones spend on the dock. Here are the must-have dock accessories that will add functionality and fun to your boat dock.

1. Jet ski or boat ramp

If you have a wooden pier or dock, one of the essential accessories to add is a basic lift to ensure launching watercraft is less of a hassle. You can create a ramp easily using a trailer wench (available in local hardware stores) and several boards. Alternatively, you can consult with a dock installation contractor if installing a boat lift is one of your dock improvement projects, and you have no idea how it’s done.

2. Kayak storage rack

Everyone enjoys warm summer days on a lake. A kayak storage rack is an excellent choice if you are looking for convenient access and storage of stand-up paddleboards, wakeboards, and kayaks. These racks usually stay out of the way and allow you to store paddleboards and kayaks on the dockside and over the water. In case you want something easy to launch, you can get kayak lifts that make launching them easy.

3. Dock lighting fixtures

Being out in the water is a beautiful experience, particularly when you are not entirely enshrouded in the dark. Having quality lights on your dock is recommended whether you intend to fish, sit out on the boat dock in your favorite chair, or enjoy a sunset boat cruise.

Dock lighting is essential for two reasons – ambiance and safety. Being able to see around clearly is important for everyone using your dock, whether on dry land or the water. Proper lighting can also set the right mood for evenings, particularly when you want to relax and probably count the stars.

Keep in mind that dock lights come in different fixtures and colors, ranging from pagoda lamps to more modern pathway lights hidden under the railings. So, choose an option that best suits your dock lighting preferences and budget.

4. Fishing accessories

You can take your preferred pastime to an entirely new level with several nifty accessories to your boat dock. For instance, a fish cleaning table allows you to handle all the dirty work on your dock after making your catch on the lake. Whether you are more casual about the fishing sport and need a portable table or you are a hardcore angler who requires something heavy-duty, a fish cleaning table is an excellent addition to your boat dock.

You can also add other fishing accessories such as fishing rod holders, particularly for those days the fish are biting, and you intend to drop in several lines. A box can come in handy to store extra rods and baits.

5. Dock boxes

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend running between your house and your dock, carrying back and forth essential items that you probably keep on forgetting? Docks boxes offer a simple and reliable storage solution that allows you to keep all essential items within your reach on your boat dock.

These boxes come in various sizes and shapes and can withstand exposure to various elements while keeping the essential items inside safe. It’s possible to keep items such as life jackets, kids’ swimming toys, fishing poles, rafts, floats, tackle boxes, and other items you may need while on the dock. Also, you can secure the boxes with a lock, and you no longer have to worry about keeping items safe.

6. Ladders

A good ladder is a necessity for convenience and safety even if you are not swimming. Coming in three to eight-step options, including ladder models fit for floating docks, it is easy to find the right ladder that complements your dock. These accessories make it easy and safe to climb onto the dock after swimming.

Be sure to choose a durable option that can withstand harsh weather. The installation process is easy, regardless of the type of boat dock you have. Alternatively, contact a reputable local dock installation contractor to help you design and install the right ladder properly.

7. Piling caps

It is easy to think that piling caps are simply a great addition to visually appealing pilings. But they do more than that – they protect the pilings from sun and water damage while warding off perching birds. Keep in mind that pilings make the foundation of your dock, which is why protecting them is important to ensure a long lifespan.

8. Power pedestals

Well, forget the numerous extension cords running from the garage to your boat dock. A good power pedestal is what you need to ensure a secure source of electric power. It is recommended to choose power pedestals renowned for standing up to rust and other forms of water damage. Make sure you can use them to power nearly anything from yachts to personal motorboats and small devices. Having a reliable and safe electrical system will ensure a better docking experience, convenience, and comfort.


Dock accessories are a key component of your boat dock setup. They add functionality, style, and fun to the entire structure. For this reason, you should choose high-quality boat accessories and get them installed properly.

VW Docks offers a broad range of accessories that allow boat owners to customize their docks. Whether you want ladders, benches, and other similar dock accessories, our products are designed to work seamlessly with different dock systems. Each of these products is designed with durability and safety in mind.

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