How to know whether an aluminum boat dock is best for your property

How to know whether an aluminum boat dock is best for your property

Boat owners and lakefront property owners know the value of a well-built, maintained dock.

But those same people also know that there are many options for boat docks. One of the most important options to consider is what type of material should be used for a dock.

There are plenty of options, including aluminum, steel and wood. All three of those options have benefits and drawbacks. For this post, though, we are going to focus on aluminum and why it’s often a great choice for just about any property owner looking to add a dock.

Here are some of the characteristics of aluminum boat docks that make them great solutions for just about any boat dock project.

Aluminum boat docks look sharp on just about any property

No matter the characteristics of your waterfront property, aluminum will only do it more favors. That’s because, as far as appearances go, aluminum is one of the materials that really cannot be topped.

Aluminum looks sharp for all types of boat docks, fishing piers and a wide range of other waterfront structures.

Lakefront homeowners love aluminum

It shouldn’t surprise you that aluminum docks have been a preferred choice for a long time. Here in northwest Iowa, there was such a high demand for structures made of this material that VW Docks began manufacturing the docks in 1996.

In fact, our aluminum sectional dock is still our post popular option available. Their appearance has a lot to do with that, but so does the ease of care.

When it comes to aluminum, there is not a need for painting, staining or sanding. With wood docks, these regular maintenance projects take additional time and money to complete.

A good dock positively affects property value

While how much a boat dock increases property value is harder to pin down, it is undeniable that a dock that has been constructed using quality materials and has been maintained over the years is a definite plus for a property’s value.

As far as aluminum docks go, you can be sure your property will benefit from its aesthetic appeal and durability. It won’t break down nearly as quickly and the care-free, low maintenance qualities can be considered a real draw when assessing value.

Durable and lightweight

There’s almost no outdoor project that aluminum isn’t good for. That’s because of several factors, including its durability and light-weight composition.

This light weight build allows for some of the easiest dock installation and removal processes on the market today.

For example, our VW Docks aluminum sectionals feature easy Walk On Water installation and removal. Dock owners can put their docks in and take them out without ever getting wet. The entire process for both is done on the dock and above the water. Each of our docks’ sections folds down, one by one. We’ve designed a special winch system to make the process even easier.

Don’t worry about rust and corrosion

Owners of aluminum docks don’t have to worry as much about their structures succumbing to rust and corrosion. Aluminum is much more resistant to rust, corrosion and other chemical damage that certain metals or materials are susceptible to. Aluminum naturally grows a thin oxide coating when it is exposed to air, which helps protect the metal from the elements and protect it from these issues.

If your dock is going to be hit hard by the elements year to year, then you’re in luck. There are often varieties of aluminum that contain other metals. The end result is a harder alloy.

Rust isn’t an issue as much for aluminum boat docks, either. That’s because the metal doesn’t contain iron or steel, which are more susceptible to rust.

These qualities make sure your boat dock is going to withstand the elements over the years and provide a good return on your investment.

Maintenance and care projects are a breeze

With aluminum, you’re getting a dock that is going to be both low maintenance and long-lasting. Still, it’s going to accumulate grime as all docks do over time.

You need to know that there are right and wrong ways to clean aluminum docks. Go the wrong route and your cleaning efforts will either be ineffective or could potentially be harmful to the environment.

The key is to find a cleaner that is safe for the environment. The cleander can’t be harmful to water quality or aquatic life. To locate a safe cleaner, head over to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safe Choice Standard resource for a list of products that are perfect for cleaning aluminum boat docks.

Have a product you’re not sure meets the criteria? Just look it up by name at that website to see the ingredients and how it measures up compared to other products. Or, you can simply use the resource to identify cleaning products that are completely safe.

Talking price of aluminum vs. other materials

Price is definitely a factor to consider when trying to decide whether aluminum is right for your dock needs. Aluminum is certainly more expensive than wood and other metals. This is generally true for dock projects, too.

However, before you lean away from this option, consider that aluminum is also much less hands-off in the maintenance and future care categories.

If you’d like a closer comparison, take a look at this blog post that discusses in more detail aluminum vs. wood docks.

Aluminum is good for custom projects

If you are looking for a building material that can be used to design a highly custom dock project, then look no further than aluminum.

At VW Docks, we’re ready to take on any unique, custom dock build idea you have in mind. You can request a free quote here and we will get to work on providing a custom solution for you.

VW Docks has a wide variety of options

Here at VW Docks, we don’t just specialize in one type of dock. In fact, we are able to build sectional, floating, handicapped docks and much more. We even offer a variety of materials that will fit into any budget.

No matter what type of dock you have in mind, reach out to us. Let’s get started designing and building your dream dock!

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