Why aluminum is perfect for boat docks

Why aluminum is perfect for boat docks

When it comes to boat docks and other marine structures, aluminum has to be considered.

Of all the types of building materials that can be used for building boat docks, aluminum is one that should always be considered. Its durability, strength and long lifespan are just a few of the reasons why aluminum so commonly used in boat dock construction.

If you are looking into installing or replacing a boat dock, then keep reading for more reasons why you should consider going with an aluminum dock for your lakefront home or business.

Aluminum boat docks look great

Waterfront property owners appreciate the value of aluminum boat docks. We should know. High demand from customers is actually what prompted us to start designing and manufacturing our aluminum sectional dock system back in 1996.

From that point on, our aluminum sectional dock became our most popular option. Why? There are several reasons, actually - all of which we will get to in this post.

But one of the primary reasons property owners go with aluminum docks is because they simply have pleasing aesthetics. Take a look at any well-designed, well-crafted aluminum dock and you will see that they look great.

There is also a lot of room for layout customization, just like with wood docks. Plus, there's no need for staining, painting, sealing or replacing boards and posts - all common maintenance needs of wood docks.

Now, let's dive into the other reasons why aluminum is such a popular boat dock material.

Fewer rust, corrosion issues

If you are looking for a dock frame material option that's going to hold up under the elements, then aluminum makes sense.

Aluminum does not rust because it does not contain iron or steel. Higher grades of the metal are also much less likely to experience corrosion problems. Both of these factors result in a metal that is very durable and highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

That means a boat dock with an aluminum frame is a good investment for buyers wanting to get their money's worth.

Aluminum is long-lasting and durable

Thanks to its rust and corrosion resistance, aluminum is favored for its durability. Those factors create a metal that is very strong, allowing structures that are built with the material to maintain their form and have a longer lifespan.

Even in the harshest environments, aluminum performs well. That's part of the reason why the U.S. military uses aluminum for construction of its vehicles. It's also favored by many other auto manufacturers, including Ford.

Aluminum's leg up on other materials in the durability category make it a very popular building material for boat docks and other marine structures.

Lightweight makes for easier use

You might think that because aluminum is such a durable metal that it is also heavier or bulkier than other options. But you would be wrong. Aluminum is actually a very lightweight material, making it perfect for floating docks and other docks that you may want to install and remove from the water seasonally.

Aluminum is about 2.5 times less dense than steel. Steel is known for being incredibly strong, but if you are looking at aluminum and steel of similar strengths, then the aluminum material is going to be much lighter. You can find lighter forms of steel, but that comes at a sacrifice in strength and durability.

The reason steel is so much more dense than aluminum is because it has a higher carbon content. The more carbon found in any material, the heavier it is going to be.

All that density makes steel very strong in durable, however, it makes it far less malleable than aluminum. Unlike steel, aluminum is much more easily crafted into a variety of shapes and custom forms without sacrificing its strength.

Installation and removal is a breeze

Aluminum's lighter weight comes in handy when you have a sectional dock that you want to take out of the water come winter.

With VW Docks, all of our sectional varieties feature "Walk On Water" installation and removal, which means you can install and remove the dock without ever getting wet. Each step in the process is done above the water on the dock itself.

That wouldn't be possible with a heavier metal or material.

Docks can add value to your property

We have already covered the fact that aluminum frame boat docks can boost the aesthetics of a property. But combine that fact with the other bonuses of building with aluminum (quality, lifespan, etc.) and there's another benefit of going with aluminum: potential increased property value.

A high-quality dock can in fact increase the value of a lake home property. This increase may not show up in an official county assessment, but it could help boost an asking price when a home is on the market.

That's where the aesthetic appeal of an aluminum dock can really pay off for you down the road.

Aluminum is environmentally friendly

Aside from the benefits aluminum offers to property owners, there is also a much more global benefit to using aluminum. Building anything with aluminum is a very environmentally friendly choice because it's easily recycled.

Most aluminum is made of 50% to 85% recyclable materials. But the metal product itself is 100% recyclable, which puts it high on the list of preferred building materials no matter the project.

The reuse of aluminum is becoming even more popular, too. According to The Aluminum Association, the building and trades industry is always increasing its rate of aluminum recycling. About 40% of North American aluminum is created through recycling processes. Compare that to the early 1990s, when the figure was closer to 30%. By producing aluminum from recycled metal, producers are saving more than 90% of the energy that is required by primary production.

Aluminum is simply a perfect, green building material choice because of this environmental sustainability.

Let's design your dream dock

Ready to see what type of aluminum dock you can dream up for your property? You can trust VW Docks to build any dock. We welcome the challenge! Aside from custom layouts, we also offer the accessories and decking options to make your dock stand out.

Request a quote today and let's get your dock out on the water.

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