Why VW Docks uses western red cedar for sectional wood docks

Why VW Docks uses western red cedar for sectional wood docks

Quality always makes a difference. That statement is true no matter what is being discussed, but it rings even truer for an investment.

And that’s just what docks are for waterfront homes.

Do docks add actual value to your property? In certain locations they definitely do, especially when the dock is well-maintained. Docks also provide a definite a return in one area: fun. So, yes, they are indeed investments.

That’s why at VW Docks we’ve chosen to craft our sectional wood docks out of western red cedar. This type of wood is one of the finest available. It’s preferred for many purposes thanks to several very desirable qualities, including its appearance and weather resistance.

Read on to learn more about the advantages and characteristics that make this wood type our go-to for dock sections.

Western red cedar wood has beautiful coloring

If you want your dock to look good, then you can not go wrong with western red cedar. It can have a range of colors from red-brown to more of a pink-brown. Each piece can also have unique streaks or areas of darker coloring.

Its coloring is perfect for outdoor uses. The Western Red Cedar Lumber Association says the wood “can create sublime outdoor sanctuaries, embolden traditional home decor, provoke cutting-edge architecture and inspire innovative interiors.”

The wood is also pitch and resin-free. Those qualities mean it can take a variety of finishes from darker stains to semi-transparents.

It’s a very durable wood

Native people on the Pacific coast once used western red cedar wood and bark for their buildings. That’s because it is an incredibly durable wood. Even many cedar artifacts from those civilizations are still in good condition today, a fact that speaks very highly of how tough the would can be when cared for.

As long as the wood is treated with suitable preservatives, western red cedar can last for long periods - even when used as docks.

How western red cedar is used

Once settlers began venturing to the Pacific Northwest, they quickly found why western red cedar was a favorite of the natives living there.

According to Wood Magazine, pioneers used the wood to build shingle and shake roofing, siding, boats and many other outdoor or indoor projects that needed some sort of resistance to decay.

Today, aside from dock decking, the wood remains popular for use in building decks, fences, furniture, wall treatments, cabinets and more.

Western red cedar is sustainably sourced

With many consumers understandably becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of their purchase decisions, sustainability has become as important a factor as any. Western red cedar is sourced from the most sustainably managed forests in the entire world.

Western red cedar is a renewable and biodegradable building material.

In addition to those qualities, wood - from harvesting to manufacturing to installation in projects - is much better for the environment in general than other products.

For example, using wood leads to :

  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to steel or concrete
  • Lower air pollution than using steel or concrete
  • Lower water pollution than steel or concrete.

Study up on more of the environmental advantages of using wood.

VW Docks’ sectional wood docks have several huge benefits

VW Docks has been in the sectional wood dock-building business since 1959. Over the course of time spent in the industry, we have always been improving and refining our design.

That includes our patented pipe casting.

We also are proud to say our docks are some of the easiest out there to install and remove. Our docks feature “walk on water” installation and removal - meaning you never have to get wet when putting in or taking out your dock.

Each section of our docks weighs 80 pounds, allowing one person to install the dock themselves. While on the dock itself, simply fold down each section, one after another, with help from our specially designed winch system.

It’s dock installation and removal made simple!

Our docks also feature:

  • Lifetime warranty on heavy gauge steel brackets
  • Adjustable heavy gauge steel anchor plates
  • Screwed-together construction
  • Heavy gauge steel braces for increased stability

View a gallery and configurations of our sectional wood docks.

Sectional wood docks are our most popular

With our high-quality western red cedar wood and easy-to-maneuver, our sectional wood docks are our most popular choice among customers. They are perfect for fishing, swimming and boat slips.

Plus, the docks are very economical and ideal for residential use and activities.

Our docks are also made to fit our full line of accessories, including benches, ladders, boat cushions, dock railings and more.

Discover the advantages of our stationary docks

Our wood sectional docks are stationary. Instead of floating on the water, they are set on pilings. The pilings secure the dock to the bottom of the lake bottom or riverbed.

We have outlined the many benefits of stationary docks before and why they may be better for some waterfront property owners than floating docks.

For one, stationary docks typically last longer than floating docks. Since they are secured to the bottom, they’re much more resistant to currents and tides. If the body of water you’re on is busy, a stationary dock isn’t going to be as bothered by heavy boat traffic.

They are also perfect for using as more than just a way to get in and out of a boat. They won’t sway back and forth like a floating dock, so they could be more suitable for fishing or even just relaxing on with a good book or a cold drink in hand.

Of course, floating docks have their benefits, too. Read our blog post comparing the pros and cons of both floating and stationary docks for more information.

Request a quote for your ideal dock

We pride ourselves on being able to offer custom solutions to each person’s dock needs. If you want more information about the types of docks we can build for your lakefront or riverside home, then request a free quote.

A VW Docks representative will be in touch with you very soon.

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