Why You Should Start Thinking About Dock Maintenance and Updates Now

Why You Should Start Thinking About Dock Maintenance and Updates Now

As a waterfront property owner, it's likely that one of your favorite areas on your property is your boat dock. A ton of memories are created there, from lounging lakeside, to fishing, to heading out on the boat for a family outing or just a pleasure cruise.

But boat docks don't last forever. They're exposed to a long list of elements, including moisture, temperature swings, beating sunlight, hail, strong winds and water level changes.

All that is hard on even the best docks. Damage can happen due to severe weather or even normal wear and tear. If you're not vigilant, the list of needed repairs can get out of hand.

You may even need to consider a dock repairs vs. replacement.

However, now is a good time to begin thinking about what possible maintenance or updates may need to be completed to keep it an attractive feature of your lakefront property.

There are several reasons why you shouldn't put off planning boat dock maintenance or updates. Here's why you should make time to look at whether your dock could use a little love and attention.

Dock maintenance can be expensive.

First of all, boat dock maintenance can be expensive. HomeAdvisor members reported boat dock repairs typically range from $640 to $2,710. The national average repair project cost $1,534.

That's a good chunk of change, but it's a cost that's manageable if planned in advance.

As with maintenance, dock replacement costs also vary.

A simple, straight, prefabricated dock could cost you about $1,500. On the other hand, a larger, more complicated dock with accessories, lighting - all the bells and whistles - could quickly reach $50,000.

By knowing your budget and wishlist for your dock, you'll be better able to decide which is right: repairs or replacement.

There's still time for quicker, easier fixes

While a full replacement may take more time to plan, you still have plenty of time now to have simpler repairs completed on your dock.

If you have a wood dock, then we highly recommend you give your dock a quick inspection at the end of every season. Keep a close eye out for wood that's damaged, cracked or even rotted.

Take a look at every nail, bolt, screw and other fasteners to makes sure they are not damaged or missing.

When it comes time to replace rusty or otherwise damaged metal parts, use galvanized or coated metal. This material can add to your dock's lifespan thanks to its greater durability and strength.

Consider adding accessories to your dock.

Several types of accessories can really help take the look of your dock to the next level. There are also accessories that add function as well as more visual appeal.

Do you have friends or family that enjoy spending time lounging out on your dock? Consider adding a bench. The right bench is both attractive and won't take up too much dock space.

You could even add dock railings if some of the loungers are on the younger side.

Speaking of kids, it's not uncommon for lounging to shift to swimming. You could add a ladder for easy water access.

There are a ton of options that you can start considering now. Go ahead and dream a little.

A well-maintained dock could increase your property value.

It's not true in every circumstance, but it's a good bet that an updated dock that's also well-maintained could easily increase your property's overall value.

If your property is located on a lake and does not have a dock, then you could find it hard to compete with neighboring homes on the market that do have docks. Though a dock may not always increase a home's going price, it could very well be the tiebreaking feature between properties.

As with any part of your home or other property, though, you've got to care for your dock for it to keep a positive effect on your property value.

Take pride in your property's dock and you should see that positive effect.

Not sure whether to repair or replace?

If you've kept good care of your dock over the years, then hopefully all you might need are a few repairs before it's ready to be back out on the water.

However, if you're not sure, read our blog post about whether it's time to repair or replace your dock. There are many more tips on common repairs and troubleshooting issues.

In general, always consider how you use your dock when making a decision.

Did you buy another boat or upgrade to something a little bigger? It might be a good idea to think about whether you need more dock space to make room.

Safety is another primary concern that should always be top of mind for dock owners. Maybe a few repairs are all that's necessary to ensure the safety of everyone who will spend time on your dock this season. If the repair list keeps growing, though, a replacement could be needed.

Refresh your memory on local regulations.

While it's always good to plan in advance, don't get too ahead of yourself if you haven't brushed up recently on your area's local rules and regulations regarding docks and installations.

Some water bodies have regulations regarding length, dimension, enclosure, signage, etc. Be aware that if you're installing a dock for the first time, then you could also be required to have a permit.

Not sure how to get local information on any rules in place? Start with your local city or county government. Then, contact the state natural resources department.

Contact VW Docks for your dock needs

Whether you've decided all you need is a few repairs or you're interested in looking at replacing your dock altogether, look no further than VW Docks.

We've got a variety of dock types, but our team can build any dock. Don't believe us? We're up for the challenge. Request a quote today!

VW Docks also has you covered for any parts needed for dock repairs or accessories for upgrades.

Take a look and contact us with any questions.

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