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VW Docks now available in Wisconsin

A good boat dock adds value and beauty to any home that sits on a lake, river or other body of water. But all the available options may be a little too much to handle once you start designing and planning the installation of a project.

Should you choose sectional or floating? Wood or aluminum? What about a custom build outfitted with accessories that make the project unique to your property?

We are used to answering these questions. Whether you need a residential or commercial dock, we'll help customers tackle their projects every step of the way.

What this means for Wisconsin waterfront property owners

We are excited to offer our industry leading docks for sale through dealers in Wisconsin because that means the state with over 15,000 lakes and 84,000 miles of river can now enjoy the quality, durability and ease of use that comes with every project we take on.

We have options that will meet the needs of any client.

Sectional wood dock combines quality and a reasonable price

Our sectional wood dock system has always delivered high quality and value. This style has been one of our most popular for over 50 years. No matter your favorite form of recreation - fishing, swimming, boating - a sectional wood dock is the best fit for many Wisconsin lakefront homeowners. It is our top option for residential use.

The sectional system is one of the easiest to install and remove from the lake or other body of water. We call this our Walk On Water installation and removal, meaning you never have to get in the water. Each section folds down, one following the other, using a specially designed winch system.

Owners can also rest easy knowing each section is made of high-quality western red cedar wood. This wood is in many ways better than other common types of waste.

Finally, this type of dock can’t be beat in those cold, northern climates of Wisconsin. The simple removal and installation will be an absolute breeze as the seasons change.

Boost home and property value with aluminum

Are you ready to add value and beauty to your property? Take a look at our aluminum sectional docks. With a sharp appearance and light-weight materials, aluminum is the way to go for Wisconsin homes and businesses where property aesthetics matter.

Our aluminum system comes with the same benefits as our wood sectionals. Every material we use adds to the dependability and longevity of the dock. Aluminum docks can be installed with sunwalk or brock decking.

Aluminum sectionals can be made to fit any design layout, including handicap accessibility. This makes aluminum an ideal material for resorts, campgrounds, parks, marinas and rental cottages.

Residential and commercial floating docks also available

We don't just do stationary. We also custom build frames for floating docks - both residential and commercial.

Our floating options are very durable and dependable. Plus, we only use quality materials. The custom frames, featuring either steel or aluminum, are designed to make sure structural integrity is second to none.

That strength equals values for home and business owners in Wisconsin.

As with our aluminum sectionals, our floating options also come with SunWalk Decking, plus the option for treated wood decking, as well.

We can build any project

VW Docks has been in this business since 1959. That was the year we started building our very first sectional wood dock systems. We've constantly improved our design and materials to always create the best docks possible.

If you have a dock project you would like to discuss, then please contact us and request a quote. We can build any dock - and look forward to a challenge!

Talk to us about handicapped and other custom dock projects

We truly are up for any project you can throw our way.

Need a handicapped option installed on your property? We have a long history of building handicapped fishing piers, which has helped us also become an industry leader in handicapped docks.

Once you start a custom project with us, we'll work with you on budget planning and designing a functional layout. VW Docks will even assist clients in locating any available funding for their project.

Looking for a different type of custom project? Be sure to ask about roll-in docks and swim platforms.

Otherwise, you can always find ways to make your dock your own by adding a variety of accessories. This is the easiest way to create a customized look that is unique to your lakefront property.

Find a VW Docks dealer in Wisconsin

Now that VW Docks are available in Wisconsin, find a dealer that has them for sale in your area.

We are actively looking for dealers throughout the upper Midwest, including in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and more. Send us your contact information to learn how you can become a dealer.

We can build any DOCK, challenge us.

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