Floating or sectional: Which type of boat dock is right for your property?

Floating or sectional: Which type of boat dock is right for your property?

A boat dock is the centerpiece of any lakefront property. It’s the place where boats are launched and stored, as well as where friends and family gather for fishing, swimming or other recreational outings.

But anybody lucky enough to enjoy a home on the lake has to decide what type of dock is right for their property – floating or sectional. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, though in reality it truly comes down to personal taste to determine what is best for a specific property.

Still, how should you decide between a floating boat dock or one that is sectional? And what are the differences to begin with?

If those are the questions that come to mind, then continue reading for help deciding which type of boat dock is best for your lake home.

Stationary docks offer durability

Let’s start with the clearest advantages of each boat dock type. Up first, stationary docks, also referred to as sectional docks.

Sectional or stationary docks are known for their durability. As they are stationary, they do not move with the water. This means they can be more protected from high and low lake levels or windy conditions than floating docks. Thanks to this, you can count on a stationary dock lasting about 25 to 35 years if it’s cared for properly.

If you live on a body of water that moves often with lots of wave or wake activity, or is affected by higher winds at certain times of the year, then you may want to consider a sectional dock.

However, if the water gets too high or too low, then a stationary sectional dock may not be as easily usable depending on its height.

Deeper water could also pose a problem over the years because longer pilings will be needed. These could warp in the long haul.

Even with these factors to consider, though, a sectional dock does typically offer a longer lifespan than a floating dock.

Floating docks boast versatility

Floating docks are by no means a boat dock type to disregard. In fact, they can be the best choice in several different situations, such as in the lakes with regularly varying water depth levels as we previously mentioned. Since they’re attached to the shore, they can more easily rise or fall with the water than a stationary dock.

Floating docks are also more easily reconfigured if your boat storage or other recreational needs change over time.

Plus, if you are wanting to install a dock in deep water, then you don’t have to worry about longer pilings if you elect to go with a floating dock.

Then there is the factor of cost. Floating docks are cheaper in most cases, but they last about 20 to 30 years rather than the 25 to 35 years of stationary sectional docks.

As for disadvantages, the most obvious is that floating docks will move with the water. This can be a downfall is stability is what you absolutely need. Also keep in mind that water levels that drop too low can damage a floating dock.

Still, there are advantages to both floating and sectional docks that are worth considering. That’s why VW Docks offers both options.

VW wood and aluminum sectional docks

Here at VW Docks, our sectional docks have a reputation that is built on quality. We have been building wood sectional docks since 1959 and aluminum sectional docks since 1996. Needless to say, we have the experience to back up our claims of superior quality boat docks.

Sectional wood docks

This type of dock is the VW Docks original. We have taken our original sectional wood dock design from 1959 and have always been refining the design, improving our patented pipe casting and ensuring that each client who chooses this style receives the highest quality dock possible with lasting value.

When you order a sectional wood dock, you will benefit from our easy Walk On Water Installation and removal. That means you can install and remove the dock without ever stepping foot in the water. Each section is 80 pounds, which makes for much simpler installation and removal than many of our competitors.

Plus, we only use the highest quality western red cedar wood, so you can know that your wood sectional will last and look beautiful for years to come.

Sectional aluminum docks

If wood is not your preference, then we also offer sectional aluminum docks. Though it’s not our original, this dock system has been our most popular since we started offering it back in the 90s.

As with the wood sectional, each aluminum section is light-weigth at 80 pounds and also features the same Walk On Water installation and removal.

Our aluminum docks boast the same features of our wood sectionals, but add a little more aesthetic appeal that can be great for both residential and commercial customers that want the most attractive dock possible.

Plus, with aluminum you don't have to stain, paint, seal or replace boards and posts.

VW floating docks

When it comes to floating docks, VW Docks is an industry leader that offers very durable, dependable docks that are manufactured with only the highest standards and utmost quality as far as materials are concerned. You won’t find another floating dock with a dock frame that can boast more structural integrity anywhere else on the market.

And that’s where the value comes into play. Our floating docks are worthy investments each and every time. Plus, we custom build all of the frames that we construct for customers depending on specific applications and needs.

With VW floating docks, you can choose between steel or aluminum frames, a variety of connection options, many different accessories to make the dock truly yours, several decking options and more to ensure that your dock reflects your needs and fits your desired uses.

Let’s design your dream dock

Ready to tell us about your dream boat dock project? We can build any dock and are up for every challenge you can throw our way.

We’ll even help you decide what’s best for you: floating or sectional. Simply request a quote and we’ll get started today.

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