Here's why your lake house needs a floating dock

Here's why your lake house needs a floating dock

Boat docks come in many different varieties. We should know. VW Docks is up for the challenge of building any dock.

Though we got our start in boat dock designing and building in 1959 with our sectional wood docks, we’ve since expanded to floating docks, which have become a popular option for both residential and commercial customers alike.

Floating docks are versatile and can be custom built to suit every owner’s unique needs. But there are some clear advantages of having a floating dock, as opposed to other types.

Floating docks move with the water

The ability to move with water is perhaps the most widely recognized benefit of having a dock that floats rather than sits stationary in the water.

Water levels can vary in many lakes, reservoirs and rivers. Having a floating dock means your structure will be better able to remain comfortably usable in most all water level scenarios. This is especially valuable in bodies of water that regularly see variations in water depth, such as managed reservoirs and rivers.

Owners can choose from many different materials

Floating docks are capable of fitting any budget in part thanks to the fact that they can be constructed out of many different materials.

The most common materials are plastic, wood and aluminum. Steel has also gained in popularity, especially for the frame portions of the dock.

Plastic docks

With plastic docks, the primary advantage is durability, though it won’t look as classic and stylish as wood. Plastic is also very affordable for the budget-conscious buyer.

Wood docks

Wood docks have that classic appeal that many lakefront homeowners will find familiar and comforting.

Wood can be cut so as to offer a customized look and retain a good amount of durability. However, the price tag of a wood floating dock can climb rapidly if certain types of wood are chosen.

Maintenance is also often required for wood docks. They need to be sanded, stained and sealed from time to time. If you do this and take care of the wood, then the structure will last much longer.

Aluminum docks

If durability is what you are after, then you can’t beat aluminum for a floating dock. It’s lightweight, but tough enough to withstand being bumped by a boat or being moved around in a storm.

Aluminum is also more resistant to corrosion, so there is less maintenance involved. However, it is still important to know how to take care of and maintain an aluminum dock if you really do want to get as many years out of it as possible.

Easy removal for seasonal properties

We’ve mentioned how floating docks can be easy to install, but they are also easy to remove. This is a major benefit for property owners who have to deal with lakes that tend to ice over in the winter.

Once winter is over and spring rolls in, the dock is just as easy to put back in.

Affordability is a plus for many owners

When it comes to cost, floating docks are typically cheaper than stationary or fixed docks. This is because the design and installation processes are not as involved. The installation process is also much quicker for floating docks than other types.

Floating docks can add to property value

Did you know that floating docks can actually add to your property value. On average, and we’ll get to why this depends on a number of factors in a bit, a dock can generally increase your property’s value by anywhere from $14,000 to $20,000.

Now, whether that means you will make more money if you decide to sell the house down the road because of the dock comes down more to the seller. For houses on the water, then a private dock right on the property rather than a community dock is definitely going to pay off.

To make sure your investment pays off, do your research and invest in a quality floating dock that is a good fit for your property, then it’s not uncommon to see that investment pay off.

Is a floating dock right for your property?

Floating docks may not be for every property, which is why VW Docks designs and builds stationary docs. In some cases, they may not be ideal for areas with lots of boat traffic, as they will move with the water whenever any watercraft comes close by. They also make more noise than stationary docks because of that movement.

However, if you want a dock that is highly versatile and can be used in both high and low-water areas, then a floating dock is perfect, as it adjusts to water level – something a stationary dock can’t do.

Many floating docks are also rearrangeable. Sections can be moved to suit your needs based on preferred activity. Floating docks are also easier for swimmers to climb onto out of the water, so consider that factor if you have a family that likes to be in the water as well as on it in a boat.

Hopefully, this information helps you choose between a floating and a stationary dock.

VW Docks can build your dream floating dock

When you are ready to design and build your dream dock, talk to our team here at VW Docks about the perfect floating dock setup for your lakefront or riverside home or property.

The VW Docks floating dock system is durable, dependable and it is built to the highest of standards with only the highest quality materials available. You will never have to worry about our dock frames failing as structural integrity is second to none.

The strength of our frames has made VW Docks a true leader in the industry thanks to the value we provide to customers when they work with us. Plus, the customer can decide between steel or aluminum frames that meet U.S. Army Corps of Engineers standards.

The customization possibilities don’t end there. We offer different types of decking, including sunwalk, brock and treated wood.

We also have a variety of accessories available so you can truly make your dock suit your preferred activities.

Request a free quote

Getting started on your dream dock is quick and easy. Just request a free quote and we will start planning how we can offer you a custom solution.

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