Protect your investment with boat dock pest control

Protect your investment with boat dock pest control

Boat docks are an investment in your property. It’s the point we have drilled home many times in several past blog posts. Whether a wood or aluminum sectional dock, or a steel or aluminum floating dock, your boat dock needs to be protected.

That’s because, as with any investment, you will want to take steps to protect a boat dock’s value over time so that you can get your money’s worth – or get enough return on that investment should you ever choose to sell your lakefront home or property.

Even if you don’t choose to sell, it’s a good idea to keep your dock in good shape so that you, your family and your friends can continue to use it to the fullest lifespan possible.

Why protecting your boat dock matters

Now, as we have mentioned in past blogs, while a dock may not necessarily add to an official home or property valuation, as any lake lover knows, it’s almost a necessity to have a boat dock if you expect to get the most return out of a sale – and the most return in terms of fun while you are living there and enjoying the amenity yourself.

A well-maintained dock can in many cases increase offer prices from interested buyers. A good-looking dock paired with a good-looking home that has been kept up will translate to more perceived value to buyers. Sometimes, it’s what actually ends up closing the deal on a sale.

But again, maybe you never intend to sell. You still need to get the most out of your boat dock and extend its life as much as possible. It’s a personal point of pride to keep up your property and keep it in a condition that makes it a go-to for everyone who enjoys living there or visiting.

The underlooked threat to any boat dock: pests

While we have written many posts on how to clean, repair and generally maintain your boat dock, one of the underlooked areas of boat dock upkeep needs to be discussed.

We’re talking about pests. Everything from insects like spiders, which can be more of an ugly inconvenience than anything, to mice, which can cause very real damage, should be kept away from your dock.

And that boats it shelters, for that matter.

If you want to know how best to keep all those nasty critters at bay, then keep reading. We’ve collected some pointers that anyone can put to use and keep their boat docks in ship shape.

The problem pest: spiders

Spiders. While they don’t bother everyone equally, there is no denying that too many spiders gathered in one place is unsightly at best and, for some folks, downright terrifying at worst. It’s safe to say they’re best not allowed anywhere near your dock.

The good news is that there are several easy, DIY ways to manage spiders that may have started calling your dock home.

The easiest spider management solution is a good ol’ fashioned broom. Sweeping the boat dock is probably something you – or the younger members of your family in need of chores – are already doing. While you’re at it, be on the lookout for cobwebs, spider eggs or the eight-legged creatures themselves and just send them on their way. At the risk of sounding cruel, we’ll tell you that escorting them to the water works pretty well.

A couple of other methods, such as power washing the dock or sprinkling some dichotomous earth, also work wonders. For those who enjoy more natural solutions, there’s always citrus oil or vinegar, both of which can deal with a spider problem when sprayed onto the surface and specifically on problem areas where the arachnids are visible.

The problem pest: mice

Let’s move on to a bigger pest problem, although these do have fewer legs, if that’s of any comfort.

That’s right. We’re talking about mice. These rodents can cause real issues to docks and boats. They enjoy making nests in inconvenient places, plus they tend to chew their way to those places to establish those nests. This can result in damage to wood structures, such as your dock, and the electrical wiring that you may have hooked up to the structure.

Then there’s the fact that mice near docks tend to wind up in boats. That’s bad news for similar reasons. Mice love the dark, damp crevices found in many boats and really enjoy curling up inside the insulation of the walls and some boats.

To get rid of the rodents that are already present, you can always go the traditional mouse trap or poison route. If you have children or pets anywhere near the dock or boat, then you can opt for a trap that catches the mouse until you release it or dispatches the mouse with a tamper-proof design.

But prevention is maybe the best route here. Avoid cluttering the dock with cushioned furniture or other decor or garbage that might look appealing to a mouse looking to set up shop. Above all, clean the dock of food and other waste regularly. There’s nothing mice love more than an easy meal – so don’t oblige.

The problem pest: zebra mussels

We saved for last a pest that nobody who enjoys spending time on a body of water – let alone a dock owner – owner wants to see.

Zebra mussels.

If you’re lucky enough to have avoided zebra mussels in your home body of water, then just know that you’ve dodged a bullet that can make any structure in the water a lot less fun.

Zebra mussels are notoriously hard to get rid of once they’ve established themselves. As far as a boat dock is concerned, the best way to rid yourself of these zebra mussels is to hand pluck them from the dock. This can take some time, so it may be worth consulting a professional.

Another option, if possible, is to remove the dock and use a pressure washer. Make sure to dispose of the mussels properly and follow any rules about returning the structure to the water. Best to check with local authorities for any applicable regulations.

Your dock professionals

VW Docks is here to not only provide the highest quality of sectional docks and floating docks, but also to help owners get the most enjoyment possible out of their boat docks.

If you’re looking to improve your current dock or start a new project, then request a quote and we will get started helping you design your dream dock.

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